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NASIF is the personal project of an independent designer passionate about details and artisanal manufacture. She inherited this passion from her lebanese family, which in the early 1900s was dedicated to raising silkworms and spinning the thread for its future sale. Her way to celebrate her family heritage is creating a brand that focuses on meticulous construction, artisanal work and using natural materials to create timeless clothing.

NASIF´s whole production takes place in Barcelona, Spain. The creative designer is involved in the entire process. From pattern making to the final product, with help of a local seamstress. It is very important for the designer to honour the local handwork and to collaborate in a respectful way. 

100% of the fabrics are locally sourced, these are deadstock materials and reused fabrics, or pieces from olders designs, generating the least amount of waste possible.  Pre-orders, limited quantities and special editions are the core of this label, avoiding wasteful over-production.  Following this same line of working, its essence lies in creating long-lasting quality pieces, beautifully executed, focusing on the process of each particular design that then is added to the base collection. It does not create an entire collection every season.  

NASIF specializes in quality artisanal garments as it believes it is the way to make long lasting pieces while being respectful with the environment and the people. It also takes commitment from the customer to take good care of them so they can have a long life.

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